Direct Drive Mixer

The AquaDDM® Mixer provides maximum wastewater mixing efficiency. When mixing requirements are the controlling factor, the AquaDDM mixer can reduce power costs, while delivering 3-4 times the mixing of any aerator of the same size. The ducted impeller improves pumping efficiency.

How It Works

The AquaDDM establishes a powerful down-flow mixing pattern that transports surface liquid downward and increases mass transfer. Flow entrainment and regenerative flow create high reactor turnover rates for efficient mixing.

Ideal Solution for Anoxic Mixing
The AquaDDM® is the ideal mixer for use in anoxic basins for denitrification and phosphorus reduction and provides unrivaled mixing and uniform top-to-bottom blending of the basin. Unlike horizontal mixers, side-entering mixers and submersible mixers, the AquaDDM® provides efficient intermixing of the basin contents – and does not employ any gear reducers, submerged bearings or submerged seals. The AquaDDM® will greatly reduce or eliminate short circuiting, and eliminate dead spots in the basin.


Features & Specifications

  • Available in FSS and SS models ranging from 1-75 HP
  • Suitable for most basin configurations
  • Floating mixer operates in varying liquid depths
  • Anti-fouling impeller
  • High volume, downflow mixing pattern and near surface intake eliminates short circuiting
  • Eliminates or greatly reduces surface splashing and foaming
  • Submerged intake volute eliminates air entrainment


  • Easy and flexible installation
  • Short lead times
  • Easily incorporated into existing plants
  • Units are retrievable for easy access
  • Various mooring arrangements available
  • Endura® Series low maintenance motors save energy, reduce O&M costs and increase performance

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