Aeration & Mixing

Since 1969, Aqua-Aerobic has provided thousands of municipal and industrial customers around the world with the most durable and dependable solutions in surface aeration and direct drive mixing. Both the Aqua-Jet® aerator and the AquaDDM® mixer have become integral to various treatment schemes and integral components to Aqua-Aerobic Systems’ biological treatment processes including the Aqua MixAir® Aeration System and the AquaSBR® Sequencing Batch Reactor System.


Surface Aerators

The Aqua-Jet® aerator is the most durable, highly efficient wastewater aerator on the market today. Since 1969, more than 80,000 Aqua-Jet aerators have been installed throughout the world, representing 1.5 million horsepower and over 9 billion hours of runtime.

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Aqua EnduraTube® Fine Bubble Diffusers

Diffused Aeration

Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc. manufactures a complete line of fine-bubble and coarse-bubble diffused aeration systems that can be applied in a wide range of applications

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AquaDDM® Direct Drive Mixer

Direct Drive Mixers

Since 1973, Aqua-Aerobic Systems has installed more than 10,000 AquaDDM® Direct-Drive Mixer units in a variety of municipal and industrial applications.

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OxyMix® Pure Oxygen Mixer

Pure Oxygen Mixers

For those wastewater applications that require an efficient means of introducing oxygen into a system, the OxyMix® pure oxygen mixer is an economical solution compared to other pure oxygen devices.

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