Cloth Media Filtration

The AquaPrime® Cloth Media Filter is designed to be used for advanced primary treatment. Advanced primary treatment is the increased removal of primary solids in comparison to conventional primary sedimentation. The AquaPrime® advanced primary treatment process typically achieves greater than 80% TSS and 50% total BOD removal, which is much higher than conventional treatment. This is achieved with three zones of solids removal which are floatable removal, settled solids and filtration which is different than any other technology which only typically removes solids by two means.

Advantages of Cloth Media Filtration for Primary Treatment

  • Reduced carbon loads to downstream secondary treatment process resulting in:
    • Aeration Energy Savings (by approx. 20 to 30%)
    • And/or increased capacity in existing secondary treatment processes
    • And/or reduced basin size for the secondary process (footprint savings)
  • Increased primary solids for anaerobic digestion for increase biogas production (by up to 30 to 40%) to be used for energy production or heating within the facility
  • Dramatically reduced footprint (75% to 90% less) in comparison to conventional sedimentation

Featured Application

A New Cloth-Media Filter Designed for Primary Treatment and Wet Weather Flow Handles High Solids Loading Rates in a Compact Footprint

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Aqua-Aerobic Systems says its AquaPrime cloth-media filtration system can perform reliable primary treatment in a fraction of the footprint of conventional primary settling basins, while also reducing load on biological treatment...

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