Aerobic Granular Sludge

Aerobic granular sludge is a great process for removing nutrient biologically. Nutrient removal occurs within the layers of the granules, while the higher concentration of sludge allows for more efficient biological nutrient removal in half the area of activated sludge systems.

The batch operation of the AquaNereda technology with a dedicated react phase without introduction of flow ensures the process can meet the most stringent nutrient requirements.

Advantages of Biological Nutrient Removal in Aerobic Granular Sludge

  • Nutrient removal in smaller footprint
  • Due to the layered structure of the granule, no anoxic or anaerobic mixing is required
  • No internal recycles are required for nitrogen removal
  • Recovery oxygen via denitrification
  • Low overall operational costs to achieve low levels of nutrient

Featured Application

Defying the Conventional

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An innovative secondary treatment technology uses Aerobic Granular Biomass for effective biological nutrient removal in a compact footprint with low energy consumption.

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