OptiFiber® Pile Cloth Media Compared to Microscreen Media



• Depth of media provids increased solids storage
• Backing support offers durability and longer media life
• Direct media contact during backwashing for higher maximum cleaning efficiency
• Variety of application-specific cloth media available, as small as 5 micron nominal pore size
• Flat, no depth for solids storage
• No backing support resulting in media being vulnerable to tearing
• No direct contact with media during backwashing
• 10 micron pore size and greater



On-Going Cloth Media Research


Aqua-Aerobic remains dedicated to advancing the science of cloth media filtration through technical research. Years of experience in cloth media development provides a unique understanding of the close relationship between cloth construction and performance. Every cloth design must pass rigorous, full-scale field testing prior to commercial implementation. The result is our ability to offer our customers the highest degree of confidence in achieving their specific performance objectives.
New MD-4 Cloth Media Pilot Unit
Technology pilot demonstrations can be beneficial by providing a snapshot of essential process operating conditions and allowing the customer to actively interact with the technology and factory personnel.
Aqua-Aerobic Systems is pleased to announce its new MD-4 Cloth Media Filtration Pilot/Demo System, providing our customers with the most comprehensive on-site testing and analytical services available.  Our unique approach is designed to provide prompt operational feedback, allowing immediate fine tuning of operating parameters for the most effective pilot/demonstration experience.