Cloth Filtration Media

OptiFiber® cloth filtration media is engineered exclusively for wastewater and water applications. It is designed to maximize solids removal over a wide range of particle sizes. Its thick, pile construction allows filtered solids to be stored, unlike microscreen media, to extend the time between backwashes. A uniquely designed cloth fiber backing support structure promotes thorough cleaning of the media for optimum performance.


New OptiFiber PES-14 Microfiber Cloth

The newest development in pile cloth media is OptiFiber PES-14 all-microfiber cloth. It removes suspended solids, turbidity and fine particles up to 50% better than other filters or microscreens. Typical effluent quality is < 1.0 NTU and < 3.0 mg/l TSS, and has proven to reduce phosphorus to 0.1 mg/l or less.



OptiFiber cloth filtration media is available exclusively with Aqua-Aerobic Cloth Media Filters:

-  AquaDisk® Filter – The original cloth media filter with over 1,000 units installed

-  Aqua MiniDisk® Filter – Includes all of the features of the AquaDisk®, but for lower flow applications

-  AquaDiamond® Filter – Ideal for larger flows and traveling bridge filter retrofits and new plant construction

-  Aqua MegaDisk® Filter - Capable of treating up to 24 MGD in a single unit

-  AquaPrime™ Filter - Designed to handle a wide range of flows in a fraction of space compared to conventional primary clarifiers

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    Unique performance characteristics


    Variety of materials of construction


    Abundance of individual fibers provides extensive surface area


    Designed for ease of handling and maintenance


    Advanced cloth media solutions for both water and wastewater


    Media is designed for specific applications


    Tested and proven for optimum process performance


    Engineered for quality and durability


    Meets virtually and tertiary filtration requirement


    Tertiary Filtration


    Reuse / Recycle


    Phosphorus Removal


    New Plants and Retrofits


    Primary Filtration


    Stormwater and CSO

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