Cloth Media Filter with OptiFiber®

Aqua-Aerobic Systems is well-known throughout the wastewater treatment industry for its complete line of pile cloth media filtration systems including the original AquaDisk® and AquaDiamond® filters. The tradition continues with the AquaDrum filter featuring OptiFiber® pile cloth media. This filter is designed to provide economical treatment of smaller flows, particularly where driving head is limited. The AquaDrum filter can be utilized for any tertiary treatment application.


AquaDrum® Operation


Filtration Mode

• Inlet wastewater enters the filter tank through the influent channel

• The stationary cloth media Drum is completely submerged

• Thousands of hair-like fibers intercept solids stored within the deep pile cloth filtration media

• Filtrate is collected inside the drum, then discharged through the center shaft to the effluent channel


Backwash Mode

• Solids build-up causes headloss to increase, thus raising the water level in the tank

• When headloss reaches a predetermined level, backwash is automatically initiated

• The Drive Motor rotates the Drum. The Backwash Header contacts the media directly while vacuum
   pressure from the Backwash Pump removes solids from the media. Filtration continues without
   interruption during the backwash mode

• Backwash solids are returned to one of the preceding treatment stages


Solids Wasting Mode        

• Heavier solids that settle to the tank bottom are periodically removed via the Settled Solids Pump


    Utilizes OptiFiber cloth media

    Small footprint

    Available in stainless steel or concrete tanks

    May be retrofitted into existing structures


    Low hydraulic profile

    Low maintenance; few components

    Peak flow capacity up to 425 gallons per minute (gpm)

    High quality filtrate


    Tertiary treatment


    Phosphorus removal

    Small municipal/industrial process streams

AquaDrum Components

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