Aqua MiniDisk®

Cloth Media Filter with OptiFiber®

Aqua-Aerobic Systems is well-known throughout the wastewater treatment industry for its complete line of pile cloth media filtration systems including the original AquaDisk® and AquaDiamond® filters. The tradition continues with the Aqua MiniDisk® filter featuring OptiFiber® pile cloth media. This filter is designed to provide economical treatment of smaller flows with the added advantage of retrofitting existing traveling bridge sand filters. On-Site Pilot Testing


The modular design of the Aqua MiniDisk filter retrofits neatly into existing 9 ft. (2.7 m) wide concrete traveling bridge filter basin, providing more than two times the hydraulic capacity of the original sand filter.




    Exclusive OptiFiber® cloth filtration media


    Each disk has two lightweight, removable segments for ease of maintenance


    Low hydraulic profile


    Fully automatic PLC control system


    Available in painted steel, or stainless steel or concrete tanks


    Ideal for small flows <0.1 – 0.6 MGD


    Enhanced performance - achieves low TSS and phosphorus


    Vertically oriented cloth media disks reduce required footprint


    High solids and hydraulic loading rates


    Minimal operating and maintenance costs


    Municipal Recycle/Reuse


    Phosphorus Removal

AquaDisk Video

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