Aqua MegaDisk®

Cloth Media Filter with OptiFiber®

The Aqua MegaDisk® tertiary filter “expands” on the reliability and exceptional performance of the original AquaDisk® filter, but on a larger scale. The Aqua MegaDisk offers larger diameter disks and fewer mechanical components than the AquaDisk filter. The result is the smallest footprint available, operating in 80% less space than sand filters with comparable hydraulic capacity.


Aqua MegaDisk™ Operation


Filtration Mode

• Inlet wastewater enters the filter by gravity via the Influent Channel

• Stationary Cloth Media Disks are completely submerged

• Wastewater flows through the Cloth Media Disks as solids are retained and stored within the depth of the pile cloth

• Gravity conveys the filtrate, collected in the hollow center tube, to the Effluent Channel

• Heavier solids settle to the tank bottom


Backwash Mode

• Cloth Media Disks are automatically backwashed clean

• Disks rotate slowly for cleaning as filtration continues uninterrupted

• Backwash Shoes contact the cloth media directly and solids are removed by vacuum pressure from the Backwash/Solids Pump

• Backwash water is redirected to the headworks


Solids Wasting Mode        

• Backwash/Solids Pump provides suction to the Solids Collection Manifold for wasting of settled solids




    Each disk is approximately 10' in diameter, the largest cloth disk available


    Eight (8) lightweight, removable segments for ease of maintenance


    Up to 24 disks in a single filter, capable of treating 24 MGD


    Utilizes exclusive OptiFiber cloth filtration media


    Fully automatic PLC control system


    Low hydraulic profile


    Available in painted steel, stainless steel or concrete tanks


    Fewer filters required, resulting in a smaller footprint and lower capital and operating costs


    Low energy consumption since disks are stationary, except when backwashing


    Fewer pumps and valves needed means lower maintenance costs


    Higher solids and hydraulic loading rates


    Tertiary Treatment




    Phosphorus Removal




    Ideal for Deep Bed Filter Retrofits


AquaDisk Video

View a short, narrated 3D video to learn about the phases of operation. Watch Now

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