Cloth Media Filter with OptiFiber®

The AquaDiamond® cloth media filter is a unique combination of two proven technologies; traveling bridge and cloth media filters. The result is two to three times the flow capacity of a traveling bridge filter within an equivalent footprint, making it ideal for sand filter retrofits.




    Features the exclusive OptiFiber® cloth filtration media


    Up to eight vertically oriented diamond laterals per unit; available in concrete tanks


    Variable speed drive platform and backwash pump provide immediate response to influent solids excursions


    Advanced drive and tracking system prevents misalignment


    Fully automatic PLC control system with color touchscreen Human Machine Interface (HMI)


    Low hydraulic profile


    Components requiring maintenance are easily accessible resulting in less maintenance costs compared to sand media filters


    Higher solids and hydraulic loading rates


    Low backwash rate


    Low life-cycle cost


    Municipal Recycle/Reuse


    Phosphorus Removal


    Traveling Bridge Sand Filter Retrofits

AquaDiamond Video

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