Aqua ElectrOzone®

Ozone Generation System

Ozone treatment for water and wastewater has been utilized successfully for several decades and continues to be a viable disinfection solution for both municipal and industrial plants, worldwide.


Aqua-Aerobic Systems is pleased to partner with Metawater, Co., Ltd., a leading ozone provider and developer of MicroGap™ glass-lined dielectric core technology with more than 800 installed systems, worldwide. This partnership allows Aqua-Aerobic to build on the company’s expertise and experience in ozone treatment while providing our customers with another quality product solution, the       
Aqua ElectrOzone™ Generation System.


Markets Served:


  • Potable Water Treatment

  • Wastewater/Water Reuse

  • Industrial Applications





    MicroGap™ glass-lined dielectric core


    Single and double cooling systems


    Stainless steel elements for high dimensional accuracy


    Solid state pulse width modulation power


    Low harmonics


    Highest ozone production per dielectric


    Ten year warranty on dielectrics


    Local parts and service


    Safe operation


    Effective treatment


    High efficiency


    Extremely low failure rates


    Robust design


    Taste and Odor Control - Oxidation and decomposition of dissolved components into tasteless and odorless soluble substances.


    Bleaching/Color Removal - Coloring components such as pigments and humic substance are decomposed and bleached.


    Oxidation - Effective for decomposition of harmful substances and various types of cleansing.


    Disinfection - Virus, bacteria and fungi are disinfected and made inert.

Aqua ElectrOzone® M-Series

Modular Ozone Generation System Featuring QuadBlock® Technology


Aqua-Aerobic Systems is pleased to partner with Pinnacle Ozone Solutions as the exclusive municipal distributor for the company’s ozone generation systems, marketed under Aqua ElectrOzone™ M-Series.  


The Aqua ElectrOzone® M-Series modular ozone generator is specifically designed for smaller ozone system installations seeking the advantages of system modularity and built-in redundancy.

The M-Series system features a modular design and offers a 100:1 turndown ratio for efficient and silent operation. Each system is configurable in 15 ppd (pounds per day) increments from 15 to 540 ppd.


QuadBlock® Technology

Each QuadBlock cell is an independent ozone generator with its own dedicated microprocessor-based control board, high frequency switching power supply and ceramic dielectrics. Each completely sealed Quadblock cell can handle the most rugged environments, is practically silent and effectively requires no cleaning or maintenance.





QuadBlock® Technology


Modular Ozone Cells


Built In Redundancy


Integrated Process Control


Ultra Compact Design



Limited Dielectric Warranty


Low Cost of Ownership


Energy Efficient – Up to 30%


Simple 5-Point Installation



Municipal Water/Wastewater


  • Taste and Odor Control
  • Bleaching/Color Removal
  • Oxidation
  • Disinfection


Aqua ElectrOzone™ M-Series

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