Aerobic Granular Sludge Technology

The AquaNereda®  Aerobic Granular Sludge Technology is an innovative biological wastewater treatment technology that provides advanced treatment using the unique features of aerobic granular biomass. The unique process features of the AquaNereda technology translate into a flexible and compact process that offers energy efficiency and significantly lower chemical consumption.



    Robust structure of granule withstands fluctuations in chemical spikes, load, salt, pH and toxic shocks


    No secondary clarifiers, selectors, separate compartments, or return sludge pumping stations


    Settling properties at SVI values of 30-50 mL/g allow MLSS concentrations of 8,000 mg/l or greater


    Proven enhanced nutrient removal (ENR)


    Simplified operation with fully automated controls


    Optimal biological treatment is accomplished in one effective aeration step


    Four times less space required compared to conventional activated sludge systems


    Energy savings up to 50% compared to activated sludge processes


    Robust process without a carrier


    Significant reduction of chemicals for nutrient removal due to the layered structure and biopolymer backbone of the granule


    Lowest life-cycle cost


    Retrofit of existing tanks, increasing treatment capacity


    Upgrade of existing treatment systems to meet BNR requirements


    New plant construction


    Municipal and industrial


Batch Cycle Structure


Based on the unique characteristics of granular biomass, the AquaNereda® Aerobic Granular Sludge Technology uses an optimized batch cycle structure. There are three main phases of the cycle to meet advanced wastewater treatment objectives (Fill/Draw, React, Settling). The duration of the phases will be based upon the specific waste characteristics, the flow and the effluent objectives.





AquaNereda Cycle

Nereda® is a registered trademark of Royal HaskoningDHV.

Featured Story

The Development of Nereda®

A public-private research partnership in the Netherlands between the world-renowned Delft University of Technology, research institutes, water authorities and Royal HaskoningDHV led to the invention of the first technology applying Aerobic Granular Sludge Technology for the treatment of wastewater.


Since its development, Royal HaskoningDHV has transferred the process into an internationally applied, sustainable and cost-effective wastewater treatment technology. After 20 years of research and development, this innovative biological solution is now proving to be one of the most sought–after, progressive wastewater treatment technologies.


In 2016 Aqua-Aerobic Systems partnered with Royal HaskoningDHV to expand Aerobic Granular Sludge Technology into North America and is the exclusive provider of this technology in the United States.