Aqua MSBR®

Modified Sequencing Batch Reactor

The Aqua MSBR® modified sequencing batch reactor combines the advantages of sequencing batch reactor technology with a traditional flow-through activated sludge process to produce a low cost, compact and continuous flow system. Phases of Operation


    Constant water level


    Continuous flow


    Simple operation


    Adept at processing high-peak hydraulic flows due to storm events


    Quiescent settling prior to clarification phase


    Optimized, enhanced biological nutrient removal


    No need for separate structures


    Unique flow through system


    Basin configuration optimized


    Existing aeration equipment can be used


    Superior performance even in low-strength, low-temperature wastewaters common in North America and Europe


    Fully automated control system


    Better sludge flocculation; no sludge collection mechanisms


    Low TSS discharge; effective nitrification, denitrification and phosphorus removal


    Any municipal or industrial wastewater system with effluent requirements ranging from carbonaceous oxidation to enhanced biological nutrient removal


    Ideal for large scale projects >15,000 m3/day


    New plant construction


    Retrofit existing activated sludge systems


    Plant upgrades

Aqua MSBR® Operation

The Aqua MSBR system operation is described in this non-audio 3D animation. Please note it may take several minutes to load the first time you select play.  Watch Now.

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