Aqua EnduraDisc®

Fine Bubble Diffuser

Available Models:
10 inch (25 cm) diameter, different slit patterns available to suit specific applications


Airflow Range:
From 0.5 to 10 SCFM (0.8 to 17 m3/hr) per diffuser


Standard oxygen transfer efficiency from 1.5% to over 2.0% per foot of submergence*


* Diffuser performance is calculated for each specific application based on flux, density, depth and several other parameters. Please contact an Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc. representative for your application. Test results per ASCE testing methods are available.


    Tapered membrane thickness to provide uniform bubble diameter and pattern


    Double backflow prevention with thickened center seat check valve and self-sealing slits


    Self-cleaning, non-clog I-shaped slits


    Low maintenance


    Guaranteed leak-proof design


    Pipe mounting system absorbs vibration and reduces installation time


    Diffusers are factory assembled for easy installation


    Factory and on-site testing available


    Single source for design and equipment supply


    Guaranteed oxygen transfer performance


    Complete diffuser, pipe support and piping fabrication


    Complete systems available including blowers


    Aeration Basins


    Aerobic Digesters


    Air Stripping


    Equalization Basins




    Post Aeration


    Sludge Holding Tanks


    Swing Zones


    Aerated Lagoon


    Aerated Stabilization Basin


    Extended Air


    Flow-through Activated Sludge


    Membrane Bioreactor


    Oxidation Ditch



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