JULY 2016 - Aqua-Aerobic Systems partners with Metawater, Co., Ltd., a leading ozone provider and developer of MicroGap™ glass-lined dielectric core technology with more than 800 installed systems, worldwide. This partnership allows Aqua-Aerobic Systems to build on the company’s expertise and experience in ozone treatment while providing its customers with another quality product solution, the Aqua ElectrOzone™ Ozone Generation System.


Designed for safe operation and effective treatment, the Aqua ElectrOzone System is a reliable treatment solution with a proven track record. The system’s dielectric core is precision engineered for high dimensional accuracy on the ozone tubes allowing for consistent ozone generation, extremely low failure rates and efficient cooling.


The Aqua ElectrOzone is ideal for potable water treatment, wastewater/water reuse and industrial applications that require ozone treatment for taste and odor control, bleaching/color removal, oxidation and disinfection.