JANUARY 2014 - The Aqua BioMax dual treatment system is a unique combination of rotating biological contactor (RBC) technology and cloth media filtration. This unique package plant utilizes vertically mounted, closely spaced RBC disks, providing a large surface area for biofilm growth. The disks are 40% submerged and rotate out of the wastewater to provide aeration for efficient BOD removal and nitrification. Cloth media filtration, in a drum configuration, follows the RBC to collect and further remove biological solids prior to the effluent discharge.

The Aqua BioMax system is an ideal solution for low flow applications (up to 100,000 GPD) where economical treatment and simple operation are critical. Advantages of the Aqua BioMax system include: minimum energy consumption, reduced maintenance and operator attention, small footprint, no need for an aeration system or secondary clarifier, low installation costs and pre-assembled with integrated control panel.