Let our customer service team provide you with additional support for your Aqua-Jet® Aerators

 - Supply replacement parts with many items available for overnight shipping

 - Perform system designs for activated sludge systems, lagoons or cooling applications

 - Refurbish your existing equipment

 - Supply rental equipment


Prop Upgrade
For most Aqua-Jet® aerator sizes and some AquaDDM® mixer sizes, Aqua-Aerobic Systems has introduced 15-5 stainless steel props that have two to three times the wear resistance and 50% greater tensile strength than a 316 stainless steel prop.  If your plant has sand, grit and abrasive solids, then your unit would benefit from a 15-5 SS prop.  Overall the general properties of the 15-5 SS prop can lead to less downtime and less maintenance.


High Efficiency Motor Upgrades and Endura® Series Limited Maintenance Motors
As electrical costs continue to increase, many installations are looking for ways to cut electrical costs. Converting your aerator or mixer motor from a standard efficiency to a high efficiency motor can lead to dramatic savings over the lifetime of your plant.


For further reducing motor maintenance costs, select the Endura® Series motors - a limited maintenance product from Aqua-Aerobic Systems.


Call us today to find out just how much you could save by choosing to upgrade to a high efficiency or Endura® Series motor.


Fiberglass Covers
Fiberglass covers are available for Aqua-Jet® aerators to minimize misting or heat loss and can be applied to plants that have concerns with cooling or open spray patterns.