Equipment Rentals

Rental equipment can fulfill a temporary need during plant upgrades, emergencies, or when existing equipment is being repaired.  New or refurbished Aqua-Jet® surface aerators and AquaDDM® mixers are available on a rental basis.  Depending on availability, AquaDisk® cloth media filters may be available for rental as well.  In order to confirm that the equipment is properly sized, Aqua-Aerobic Systems can perform an evaluation of your application.  If desired, units can be available for purchase following the rental. Refurbished units can be bought at a cost savings of 25-35% compared to the purchase price of a new unit.


Equipment Lease

Extended lease agreements are ideal when capital budget is limited, or when leasing provides financial benefits. Terms of the lease agreement can be tailored to meet your needs.  Any new or refurbished Aqua-Aerobic equipment is available for leasing.  Aqua-Aerobic Systems will work with you to evaluate your application and confirm the equipment is properly sized.  If desired, equipment can be purchased following the lease period. 


Contact one of Aqua-Aerobic Systems’ experienced Customer Service personnel toll-free at 800-940-5008 to discuss your situation and establish if a rental or lease option best suits your specific needs.