Aqua-Aerobic Systems’ upgrades are designed with your Return on Investment in mind such as rebuilding an existing sand filter or upgrading it to state of the art cloth media filtration to increase hydraulic capacity or minimizing maintenance costs.  Likewise, our control system upgrades capture the experience that Aqua-Aerobic Systems has gained over the last 43 years to identify and replace obsolete controls or components before they can cause a shutdown.   Some of our many upgrades are highlighted below:

Biological Treatment Systems

Typically the aeration system is the largest energy consumer in your system.  Adding dissolved oxygen (DO) control to a time based control system will potentially save thousands of dollars per year in operational costs.  Recent advancements to luminescent technology for D.O. control have improved the reliability of the instrumentation and minimized maintenance requirements.  AquaSBR® installations such as Kittery, ME and Leacock Township, PA have gone through conversions from coarse bubble to fine bubble diffusers and seen electrical consumption benefits as well.  If tight nutrient removal objectives are being implemented at your plant, then the IntelliPro® process monitoring and control system may help your system stay in compliance.


Cloth Media Filter Systems

Aqua-Aerobic Systems has hundreds of cloth media filter installations and many of them are benefitting from the 20 plus years of experience that we have in designing and supplying cloth media.  Some of the typical upgrades that Aqua-Aerobic cloth media installations have undergone include conversion of  needlefelt to pile cloth, changing backwash valves from pneumatic to electric, and conversion of the cloth to the latest OptiFiber® design such as chlorine resistant cloth or microfiber cloth with a nominal 5 micron pore size. 


Automatic Backwash Filters

In addition to our cloth media filters, Aqua-Aerobic Systems also has hundreds of Automatic Backwash Filter (ABF) installations.  Numerous AquaABF® installations have upgraded their control panels to incorporate PLC based controls to improve the level of communication between the filter control panel and the plant wide control system.  Many Aqua-Aerobic sand filter installations are considering a conversion to cloth media filtration in order to gain the benefits that cloth media has to offer, such as reduced backwash and increased hydraulic capacity.  Retrofit options for 9, 12.5 and 16 foot sand filters to cloth media are available.



A central part of operating any process equipment is the control system.  As treatment plants age, some of the control components such as PLCs and operator interfaces become obsolete and replacement parts may be difficult to find.  In order to ensure your system will continue to operate efficiently and your control components will be available in the case of an emergency, consider planning the replacement.  We can review the products and make recommendations to minimize interruptions while improving the functionality.