Technical assistance is available from Aqua-Aerobic Systems by one of our staff experts with a goal to ease your concerns on plant operation and ensuring your plant operates efficiently and stays in compliance. 


An Aqua-Aerobic Process Specialist is available via phone, or email.  If you would like assistance in evaluating your system operation, contact us at 815-639-4520 or email us at  If further assistance is needed, consider a Plant Wellness trip for additional hands on training.


Process assistance is available on topics including:

 - Aeration Control
 - Aerobic Digester Operation
 - Biological Nutrient Removal
 - Chemical Feed Requirements
 - Dissolved Oxygen Control
 - Filament, Fungi and Zooglea Control
 - Foam Control
 - Microorganism Identification
 - Nitrification/ Denitrification
 - Nutrient Addition
 - Phosphorus Removal
 - Settleability/ Settling Tests
 - Selecting a Target MLSS Concentration
 - Seeding/Startup
 - System Mass Control
 - Treatment Cycles Per Day




In order to keep your equipment and treatment process running at peak efficiency, synchronization of all of the operating components is critical.  The Aqua-Aerobic Systems team is available 24/7 to assist existing biological system and filter customers on all of their electrical and mechanical needs. 


Contact one of Aqua-Aerobic Systems’ experienced Customer Service personnel toll-free at 800-940-5008 to discuss the situation and establish a plan of action to keep the system operating efficiently.