Aqua-Aerobic Systems’ Plant Wellness Program includes two full days on site; one day to inspect the mechanical and electrical equipment along with a detailed review of the biological process efficiency, and the second day consisting of training on process operations to help your team improve and optimize process efficiency.  Upon completion, our team will prepare a fully detailed report covering all aspects of the inspection and training.


AquaABF® Traveling Bridge Filters

 - Filter Underdrain
 - Sand Media
 - Porous Plates
 - Bridge Mechanisms
 - Rails
 - Backwash Mechanism
 - Controls


AquaDisk® or AquaDiamond® Cloth Media Filter Systems

 - Cloth Media
 - Control Panel
 - Backwash Pumps
 - Valves
 - Level Sensors


AquaSBR® Sequencing Batch Reactor Systems

 - Settling Characteristics
 - Microscopic Life
 - Aeration System Settings
 - Control Logic
 - Nutrient Removal
 - Mechanical and Control Equipment


Wellness Program Package

 - A written report summarizing the findings of the Plant Wellness trip.
 - List of recommended components to bring the system back to optimal operation.
 - Hands-on training on how to repair or replace key components and adjust system settings. 
 - PowerPoint® presentations regarding biological system process control are available upon request.


If you would like more information on our Plant Wellness Program, contact us at (815) 639-4520 or email us at