Is your equipment reaching the end of its useful life?  Help extend the life of your equipment by having key components rebuilt by Aqua-Aerobic Systems.  Items such as decanter floats, AquaJet® aerator and AquaDDM® mixer power sections, AquaDisk® cloth media filter internal components and AquaABF® sand filter underdrains can be rebuilt to help minimize cost and postpone major equipment replacement.


Good As New Refurbished Equipment

Aqua-Aerobic Systems will reuse the diffusion head or motor base of your aerator or mixer to rebuild the power section and return to ypou in “Good As New” condition.  The rebuilt power section will include a new motor, shaft parts, and prop. This will give your equipment the efficiency and performance of a new power section at a cost savings of 25% - 35% when compared to a new purchase.  Learn More



Contact one of Aqua-Aerobic Systems’ experienced Customer Service personnel toll-free at 800-940-5008 to discuss your situation and determine if an equipment rebuild or a Good As New option best suits your specific needs.