Sell Your Used or Unwanted Equipment


As many municipalities experience tightening budgets, often they look for alternative revenue sources by selling used and unwanted equipment. Aqua-Aerobic Systems offers our customers a program that allows you to sell back Aqua-Aerobic® equipment and components such as aerators, mixers, decanters and cloth media filters. Our buy-back program is flexible with three easy options: 1) Trade-in for new or reconditioned equipment, 2) Credit for existing or future equipment, and 3) Direct buyback with payment by check.



How the Program Works


E-mail several photos of your equipment with a brief description to the respective Aqua-Aerobic Customer Service Representative listed below. Include the quantity, materials of construction, and if applicable, the horsepower. Also indicate what “Buy-Back” option you prefer. Upon our review of the photos and information provided, we will contact you to discuss the potential buy-back option.



Program Benefits


A scrap yard will pay pennies on the dollar for your unwanted equipment or even refuse to accept the equipment. Selling your equipment back to Aqua- Aerobic has several benefits:


- Receive a premium for your equipment and a source of revenue to help ease your budget constraints.

- Eliminate freight costs as we will arrange for transportation at no cost to you.

- Reduce your inventory while you create space needed for required equipment.

- No equipment disassembly is required as units can often be shipped complete.



Fiberglass or Stainless Steel Floats

Stainless Steel Diffusion Heads


Cloth Media Filters

Approved Buy Back Equipment Includes:


Aerators and Mixers


- Complete Units

- Motors

- Power Sections

- Floats

- Diffusion Heads


Cloth Media Filtration


- Complete Units

- Cloth Media Frames

- Unused Cloth Media


Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBR)


- Aerators

- Mixers

- Decanters



We look forward to working with you to convert your used or unwanted equipment into a source of revenue.



Customer Service Representative

Phone Number

Email Address

Aerators & Mixers Denise Boehm
Denise Uchacz
Filtration Systems Sherry Pike 815-639-4589
Biological/SBR Sytems Tim Lamont 815-639-4515