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Aqua-Aerobic® Buy Back Program

Aqua-Aerobic Systems offers our customers a program that allows you to sell back Aqua-Aerobic® equipment and components such as aerators, mixers, decanters and cloth media filters.

Cloth Media Filter Rental

Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc. offers a fleet of AquaDisk® cloth media filters as a low cost rental option for temporary wastewater filtration.

Equipment Rebuilds & Reconditioning

Find out how we can extend the life of your equipment with refurbished and reconditioned components.

Plant Wellness Program

Are you experiencing Biological or Filtration issues?  Maybe new operating staff that needs training on your system?  Allow the Aqua-Aerobic Systems team to help keep your treatment process operating at its peak efficiency.  A Plant Wellness visit by one of Aqua-Aerobic Systems’ Field Service Technicians can assist in bringing your plant back to operating at its peak efficiency.

Process Upgrades

As your plant influent, costs or permits change, it may be more economical to upgrade one or more of your plant’s processes rather than replace the equipment.  Allow us to put our decades of experience to work by evaluating whether one of our upgrades can save you time or money.

Process, Mechanical & Electrical Trouble-Shooting

The Aqua-Aerobic Systems’ team is available to assist our existing biological system and filter customers with their treatment process needs.  Assistance is available on topics ranging from settling in a biological system, to nutrient removal, to operational efficiency or even reducing electrical consumption. 

Rental and Lease Programs

Aqua-Aerobic offers rental and lease programs for customers that may not have a long-term need for equipment, or where capital budget is limited.  Rental and lease equipment is available as new or reconditioned units.  Depending on available stock, rental units could include: AquaDDM® Mixers, Aqua-Jet® Surface Aerators and AquaDisk® Cloth Media Filters. Aqua-Aerobic rental and lease units come with a full warranty.

Rotating Equipment Upgrades and Support

Aqua-Aerobic Systems has over 1 million horsepower of Aqua-Jet® aerators and AquaDDM® mixers installed in treatment plants around the world.  Whether you are a municipal treatment plant operator, an industrial customer or a motor shop, we have a network of support to meet your needs.

SpareCare® Replacement Parts

In order to keep your system operating at its peak efficiency, it is important to have the recommended replacement parts on hand.  As you consider the parts need for immediate replacement or just to have on hand for availability when needed, Aqua-Aerobic Systems can assist you with all of your replacement parts through our SpareCare® program.

Training and Education

Our highly trained team of professionals that can train your team on maintenance or process related topics along with troubleshooting mechanical, electrical or process issues.