Community Involvement


Aqua-Aerobic Systems believes in strengthening our community through volunteering and employee involvement to support local organizations and programs. Our strong culture of service and sincere desire to make meaningful social impact is at the heart of all our community involvement initiatives. Aqua-Aerobic encourages employee participation and offers flexible scheduling and also recognizes and rewards our volunteers for their efforts.


We understand and value the impact that each of us can have. When we apply the same commitment, talent and teamwork we use to serve our customers to help people in need, we can make a significant difference in our community.


Below are just a few of the many organizations and programs that Aqua-Aerobic Systems supports through financial donation, service on boards and committees or other community related initiatives.




Educating Children on Wastewater Treatment


Research & Technology Center

The fifth grade class at Rock Cut Elementary visited our- Research & Technology Center to learn about the process of wastewater treatment. During the tour, the children viewed an Aqua MegaDisk®, AquaDisk® (photo on top) and Aqua MiniDisk® cloth media filter in operation. They were also
educated on membrane systems when viewing the membrane pilot unit at the facility.


Learn more about the Research & Technology Center



Discovery Center - Engineering Exhibit

Application Engineers from Aqua-Aerobic attend Engineering Day at the Discovery Center each year to help educate the general public on the engineering side of wastewater treatment. The engineers create specific exhibits on biological and filtration technologies that are interactive and encourage children to get hands-on experience in engineering (photo on bottom).